Monday, October 17, 2011

Croptober #9

It was a weekend of great Colorado weather: deep blue skies, crisp air, and colors galore.  It was also filled with a haul north for a soccer game of cheers and goals - final winning score of 7-2!  Woohoo!  Then it was a haul back south to our home fields and cheers. . .unfortunately for the other teams' parents in a 8-0, or 9-0 (we lost count) loss.  ="(  Being 11 y.o.'s, this is their first experience with competitive play and so this fall season is all about seating the teams.  We play some teams that are equal to, under and, unfortunately, far above us in play and skills.  Taking some liberty from Scarlett. . .Next weekend is another weekend.

We also hit the pumpkin patch over the weekend, snagging an assortment of shapes and colors of pumpkins.  There are six soon-to-be full of character pumpkins sitting on the hearth.  If they had their eyes it'd be kinda creepy.  There are fat ones, skinny ones, small ones, flat ones; it'll be fun to see what the kids carve out.  I was craving the caramel apples they had at the stands. . .until I found out they were $4.50 a piece. . .without nuts.  So hubby and son took a trip to the supermarket and snagged some Granny Smiths and a tub 'o caramel for a dipping fest for about a third of the cost.  No I just need to find a good caramel apple recipe to make.  Don't get me wrong, the dip and apples will do the trick, but there's something about caramel covered fruit on a stick that says "fall!"

Speaking of carving. . .it's time for you to carve out some time to create this week as we continue our Croptober for the embellishment-challenged.  Let's see what to do this week. . .or today even. . .Let's mix some textures.  Find an Apron Strings kit that contains ribbon, chipboard and rhinestones; if you don't have a kit, pull the items from your stash.  Make life simple, keep your chipboard naked.  Because of the potential smallness of these items, remember grouping gives them an anchor and more presence on the page.  Layouts are due Saturday evening.  BONUS:  To my never posters. . .share a layout from today's challenge and get a double entry in this month's drawing.

I've got practices for two of the four kids, dinner of leftovers to heat up and taxes due in a couple days and there's a stack of paper work to be done before filing that is screaming my name.

Happy Monday.

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Deanna said...

Added my link, "Eat Cake!"

So glad to use up some really OLD Pink Paislee goodies here!