Monday, October 10, 2011

Croptober #6

We had a semi-productive weekend.  We had snow and rain on Saturday - yep snow down here (and in the mountains) and about 40 degrees, maybe a little colder.  You'd think this lovely combination would cancel soccer, but you would be wrong.  Half-wrong anyway.  One game was cancelled.  One game was not.  So we layered, we planed for more layers, we went water-proof and we loaded up and headed for Boulder 45 minutes away.  Driving through the rain all the way.  Sure enough, upon entering the gates of the fields soccer was in full play.  It rained the whole time.  We huddled under our super-sized umbrella and watched the boys play hard, but ultimately lose 2-0.  We also watched the Rugby game a field over - my 12 y.o.'s response - "Rugby's a violent game."  Yeah it is, those men are nuts!

Sunday over a Big Breakfast of pumpkin pancakes with buttered maple syrup (deemed a winner by all), bacon and orange juice we chatted as a family, something hard to come by these days at meal times.  After back-and-forth and "wishes" it was decided that the boys - the older two and dad - would head for the hills (with the dog) and do some bank fishing.  The daughter, the toddler and the mom stayed home.  The daughter played lounge lizard all day.  The toddler did what he does, moving from activity to activity.  The mom roasted another batch of tomatoes and sent them to the freezer, chopped and froze in cubes the jalapenos that were picked and roasted earlier in the weekend, started laundry, decorated the house for Halloween and got a pork loin roast (another hit) in the oven for a very late dinner.  The boys came back muddy, but had a blast, even without a fish hooked.

Monday is starting early, with a 4:00 am wake up call from the toddler.  So up and making lunches and getting chores done and now getting AS work done.  So you're not left out of the "being productive" vibe I've got going, here's your first challenge of the week.  Select an Apron Strings kit with at least three patterned papers (all kits have these, so that's easy enough :D) and ribbon.  Today you're going to create a pseudo-scallop border using at least three different patterned papers and top the straight-edge of the border with the ribbon.  What's a pseudo scallop border?  Super easy and super cute.  Simply cut or punch several circles.  Then lay out the circles to form a border.  Cut them in half if you aren't slipping the edges under another paper block, so you just see half the circle.  You can just have the edges of the circles touching or you can slightly overlap them.  Adhere a length of ribbon over the straight-edge of the circles or where the circles slip under the paper block to give a finished look.

I'm off - I have a huge list of things that NEED doing and only so many hours in the day.  Soccer is on the agenda tonight, as is a volleyball game, so I need to get rolling.

Happy Monday.

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Deanna said...

What a fun border technique, Lori!

Added my link, "Bundle of Joy!"