Friday, October 14, 2011

Croptober #8

"Oh, CWAP" as my 3 y.o. says far too frequently.  Don't you just hate when you hear yourself come out of your kids' mouths!

I didn't mean to miss two days of posting - actually on Wednesday I thought I'd posted; I had to think about it and realized I hadn't.  I should just learn to include with the challenge info, that the week of shipping all bets are off, LOL.

Today, let's play with pen detailing.  Pen detailing is simple and easy, whether you're drawing straight lines, dashed lines, faux stitching.  On your layout create some kind of pen detailing - draw zig-zag stitching between two papers, straight stitching around a block of photos or around the edge of the layout, add dashed stitches to naked chipboard or diecut letters.

I've gotta volleyball game to hit tonight - dinner to make, people to get to a major league soccer game, and then AS work to do.

Happy Friday.

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Deanna said...

Added my link, "Trick or Treat!"

I used a white pen on the 'Trick or Treat' tag outlining the edge along with the alphas. I also used faux stitching along the edges of the layout.