Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Croptober #3

First - I added the link to yesterday's post so you can upload your layouts.  Sorry 'bout that.

For my embellishment-challenged folks, hang on, today we're gonna do a grouping.  Start by grabbing an Apron Strings kit with at least five embellishments in it - Smaller kits will have this amount, Bigger kits will have give you more choices.  (If you're not using kits, collect from your stash as necessary.)  Create a nice little layered grouping of three or more embellishments.  For those who are challenged, this type of grouping looks good in the center of, say, four photos, near a title, or on the corner of a journaling block or focal-photo.  Make the group tight, with uneven numbers - so say a small journaling tag, layered with a small bloom and a scattering of small buttons.  Maybe a diecut shape, layered with a length of ribbon and a stick-pin tucked into the knot.  Just know that this group will help anchor the small pieces within it and give it some weight - the pieces will feel like one element and will draw the eye to what it is near, hence the focal photo, title or journaling.

Got volleyball and soccer tonight - but just one soccer practice and with dark coming earlier and earlier, practices are shorter.  Doesn't sound like much, but it is.

Happy Wednesday.

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Deanna said...

GREAT challenge, Lori.

Added my link, "Christmas Morning"