Thursday, October 6, 2011

Croptober #4

The girls pulled out a win last night - though it wasn't pretty.  They play again tonight up north.  Tonight is packed with soccer as well.  They're calling for high winds in the area - red flag warnings and we haven't had those in months.  Depending on the winds, soccer may get cancelled.  The fields the boys will be on are up against the foothills and the winds are horrendous out there and have been know to blow the goals over. . .on top of players.  Since this can be frowned upon by the parents, the club has taken to cancelling when the winds are high.  We'll be in wait and see mode.

No need to wait and see for you, my embellie-fearful friends.  Today we're gonna play with levels. . .as in pop it up levels.  I love putting some elements flush on the paper and then popping up a few things here and there.  It's such a simple thing that makes a great impact.  This is a great technique if you have a grouping of flowers - a few on the page and then one or two popped up.  Also works well for hand-cut elements like circles or squares that you scatter along a border.  Pop a few of those guys up and it's a whole different look.  Have a title, journaling block or label, lay the the words flat and pop up a heart, flower or other shape over or near the words.  Instant eye-catcher.  Today, select an Apron Strings kit (if you don't have a kit, collect your goodies from your stash) that includes embellishments that have a few flat pieces and a few dimensional pieces - a good pattern on a paper will work as well (flowers, circles, squares, characters - for hand-cut work).  Make a simple grouping or border and pop up a couple of the elementsBONUS:  Today's a day for those who haven't shared in a while to earn an extra entry into the drawing.  I define "a while" in you haven't participated in the last month.

Apron Strings is a sponsor this week over at Let's Scrap.  They have a great community over there, lots of sketches. =D

Hmmm. . .seems like there was something else, but now I don't know.  I know I have stacks of paper work, stacks of mail and stacks of sorting - too many stacks and only little me to get through them.

I remember. . .if you don't have pop dots, simply cut some small squares of cardstock, glue a few together into a little stack and attach the stack to the element.

Happy Thursday.

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Deanna said...

Added my link, "It's Your Day!"

I popped the little stars that I cut from the patterned paper.