Monday, October 3, 2011


Welcome to Croptober!!

This is a month of scrapbooking.  A month of using your kits.  A month of showing your work - remember showing your work?  How many of us really got any credit for showing your work when the end answer was wrong?  (chirp, chirp, chirp)  Exactly.  This month, here, showing your work will net you chances to win!  It's all about showing your work.  Sharing your talents.  Inspiring others.

Let's get started. . .I'm looking at the leaf chair in my family room.  Not leaf shaped, but leaf patterned, with maples leaves, overlapping in various sizes in greens and rusts and a touch of gold.  Today dig out an Apron Strings kit (if you don't have a kit, go dig out some papers from your stash that meet the challenge) that has those colors, a leaf pattern in the papers or, if you're lucky, both.  BONUS: If you've never shared or posted before and you do so on today's challenge, you'll get a double entry in the drawing.  Layouts from this week are due Saturday, October 8th.

Happy Croptober Monday!


Deanna said...

So glad you're having more challenges this month! WAHOO!

I'm running really low on Fall papers and dug these out of my STASH. Have no idea what they are. LOL

Added my link, "Autumn Leaves"

K Clark said...

I did a card with my scraps - I hope it is ok... if not i understand. Didn't have time to do a complete Lo today :(