Friday, July 13, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #10

I'm not much of a gardener.  At all.  In terms of thumbs, I have no thumbs.  It's not that I can't make things grow - I'd just rather not.  I'm not one to find enjoyment digging in the dirt or weeding.  Sweating in the hot sun, dead-heading flowers holds nothing for me.  If I can't (or have a willing spouse) plant something in the ground and have it come back year after year, I can probably live with out it.  The vegetable garden we have now was DH's idea combined with the sweat of the kids.  I'll cook the stuff, but weed it?  No.

If I needed any signs that gardens and I were just NOT meant to be. . .case in point:  We had to take down the May Day tree outside the kitchen window -- something had gotten into it and it was dying.  The stump now needs to come up so "we" can plant the berry bushes we have.  Before that, the rocks need to come out.  See, one change just leads to more garden work - not good.  Anyway, I was pitching in, helping the older boys shovel the stupid rock and I was either irresistible or a threat to some Yellow Jackets.  One particularly ornery one showed its pleasure (or displeasure) by stinging me, not once but four (maybe five) times.  Really?!  Stupid gardens.

Now the Pin-spiration below comes from the I Can Do That board.  The adorable circles are made from Sweetwater's fabrics and are Christmas themed. Today though they remind me of neat garden rows, unfortunately.  However, the colors would be perfect to document my encounter with the Yellow Jackets; red and green aren't just for Christmas.  The layout of the circles gives you a nice grid for photos and embellies.  I love the journaling underneath them. The crisp white background reminds me that white space is a good thing.

Remember you have until Sunday to upload any one, or all, of the challenges from this week; card or layout.  While I'm sure it's fun to win all the time, it's more fun to have the excitement wondering if you will. . .so come give the gals something to wonder about.  JOIN IN! 

Hubby's home.  In-laws are coming for dinner.  House needs some cleaning - there seems to be dirt tracked all over my floors.  The garden strikes again.

Happy Friday.


Deanna said...

Great inspiration with the circles!

It's actually more fun playing when we have more players so I hope we have more join in! Been loving the Pinterest Inspiration!

Deanna said...

Lori, I don't see a Mr. Linky for this one.

I was inspired by all the circles and the color combo. Used the June Apron Strings Smaller Kit.

"Cool Shades"

Lori said...

Whoops - InLinkz is updated now. Sorry.

Unknown said...

OK my three challenge entries are all on the same blog post - hope that's OK!

Deanna said...

Really beautiful cards, Bexx!!!