Friday, July 6, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #5

If you'd have told me I'd actually be looking forward to a 95 degree day, I'd have laughed.  Laughed hard.  Laughed the way a woman who's had four kids probably shouldn't.  But it's true.  With a week plus of temps in the triple digits, a mid-90's day may actually be comfortable.  Though now it seems the monsoons have arrived. . .early. . .so those temps come with humidity.  All the more reason to find that lake side cottage we've been dreaming of.

This is another pin from the Color Theory board - I think I'm in love with my Color Theory boards - they relax me in the same way looking at my Basset boards make me laugh.  Anyway, I love the shades on this one; so crisp and cool.  Fresh.  Refreshing.  I can almost hear the beach grass blowing in the wind and feel the sand in my toes.  The grass makes me think to look for papers with stripes, or a botanic feel or even embellishments with ribbed textures:  grosgrain or corrugated embellishments.  The water in the background makes me think of jewels.  The variegated colors make me think of using mists.  I see a deep blue or black cardstock background.  Look for lime polka dots.  Look for scroll work in teals.  This color combo (and the photo - which, frankly, influences me as much as the colors) makes me want to play with summer photos.  I have photos of the kids playing in the overflowing gutters after a huge summer rain (clearly not from this year.)  But the teals would be great with winter snows, too.  Ooohh, or Christmas photos - a new take on some traditional color combos for that season.

Layouts or cards are due by Sunday evening to be eligible for the My Mind's Eye American Made collection kit.

Happy Friday.


Unknown said...

Good gravy these are some awesome inspiration pics Lori. I have so far managed exactly one of them, but haven't uploaded yet. Perhaps tomorrow I will get a chance to catch up!

Deanna said...

This is my favorite color combo this week!

Added my link, "Cinnamon Bay"