Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #7

Woke to a very mid-west morning - grey, overcast skies, lots of moisture still in the air, streets were still wet from yesterday's rain because the evening was cool and humid.  It was glorious.  And it's going to be short lived...temps run up to 90+ come Wednesday.  I wish there was a way to bottle the past four or five days.

Today's Pin-spiration comes from the Color Theory board.  First there's the delicious colors - those tone-on-tone orange shades just say Summer.  Anyone remember vellum?  These oranges and their sheerness make me think about digging down in my papers and looking for a sheet or two to use.  Those same oranges make me think of the seasonal foods we eat during the summer - the fresh cooking we do and documenting it.  The slices of the oranges remind me to layer my papers and embellishments to add interest and texture to my layouts.   The white pith makes me think of using my white gel pen to add stitching to my layouts.

Kristin Perez used the July Smaller than a Breadbox kit for her layout, which coincidentally encompass some of the colors in today's challenge. 

Finally, the winner from last week is Deanna.  All it takes is participating in one challenge to get your name in the weekly drawing.  The more you complete, the better your chances.  Cards or layouts. . .doesn't matter.  Just play along.
Happy Tuesday,

  • Carla - go finish that layout from last week and get started on one for this week! :)
  • JoJoRene - I can't be held responsible for the strong, strong pull of the eye-candy on Pinterest.  The number of hours I've lost . . . well, we just won't go there. ;D

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Deanna said...

Love the bright summery colors of the inspiration!

Added my link, "Eye to Eye"