Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #15

Once upon a time I emptied the dishwasher in the morning, filled it during the day and ran it at night after dinner.  On occasion, there would be a pot or over sized bowl that wouldn't fit and required hand washing.  Big whoop.

I am now running the dishwasher for the first of two loads it will do today and will still have a handful of hand-wash items after dinner. Outside of breakfast bowls, and later dinner dishes, my family doesn't use plates and utensils.  They grab food and go.  They usually eat sandwiches wandering around the house.  I will find odd bowls and plates where they shouldn't be...but it begs the question; why the heck am I running two loads?  It's a Twilight Zone kinda question because I don't see the obvious, "well, the kids are home during the summer and use a new plate, bowl and glass every time they eat (which seems to be all the time, all day long)" solution.

But it's too hot at the moment to wonder too much - 100+ again today.  So, I will escape by looking at these lovelies found on the Apron Strings Home for the Holidays board.  I see a fabulous two-color layout or card - several pinks with pearl white.  I see bling.  I see shiny silver in brads, glittered buttons, mist or shimmery ribbons.  I see incorporating round shapes on my work - cutting a photo or two, cutting patterned paper, using round embellishments.  I see layering different sizes to create depth and texture.

Finally, I see YOU playing along.  This is the last challenge for this week, with the My Mind's Eye Market Street TOTAL COLLECTION up for grabs!  All it takes is submitting for JUST ONE challenge - but the more you enter the better your chances and the more you'll have completed, thus the more stash you've used.  Isn't that a great cycle!

Off to the semi-cool recessed of my house to do some work, maybe clean a little, straighten a little, and check in via text with my daughter who is up at UNC for a volleyball tourney with her High School team.  Doesn't sound like they're doing well, hopefully they can turn it around today.

Happy Friday.


Deanna said...

I was inspired by all the pretty pinks and added my link. Thanks for all the great inspiration this week, Lori.

Anonymous said...

What a fun inspiration challenge, love the colors!