Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #4

Holy schmoly, we had cloud cover and rain.  Cloud cover.  Rain.  'Course it was in the mid-90's...but still.  And it was a couple days ago.  Today it was hot, freakin' hot and hazy.  An odd orange-ish golden glow tinted the sky all day.  It was an odd color.

As predicted it was an odd 4th of July for us, what with no fireworks displays, and obviously, no personal fireworks (though they are always a banned here in Colorado - you find vendors selling them in tents on almost every corner, but you can't shoot them off.  How's that for logic?)  The Hubby and older three kids did an early morning bike ride - a nice 16 mile loop.  They quickly came home, grabbed the three year old and took off for my sister's; she has a pool.  I stayed home to prep dinner - cherry BBQ ribs, potato salad and white chocolate pound cake with lemon curd and fresh blueberries.  Unfortunately, too much time in the sun, swimming the afternoon away, combined with the bike, ride stole everyone's appetites and energy to lift their forks.  It was a rather tame dinner for us, followed by a very quiet evening.  As I cleaned the kitchen, I missed the days when the only biking they did was from the corner YMCA down the quarter mile to the park in a red-white-and-blue encrusted bike rally that ended with Popsicles in the shade of the trees at the neighborhood park.

Today's Pin-spiration comes from Apron Strings' Color Theory board.  This is one of my favorite combos; so homey, cozy, bake-y. They're even Patriotic. Looking at them I see kitchens.  I see vintage.  I see summer.  I see water whether it's sprinklers, rivers or lakes.  I see afternoon picnics.  I see a mix of gingham papers and wooden embellishments.  I see fun font stickers or rub-ons.  The egg reminds me of epoxy embellishments.

Uh, see, just like this card from Wendi Robinson (Guest Chef) who used the July All Year Cheer Card kit. 
Layouts or cards are due Sunday evening to be eligible for the weekly prize.
Happy Thursday,

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Grest colors for inspiration today!