Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pineterst Challenge #13

They are killing me on Pinterest. . .the food, the tips, the colors, the crafts.  Did I mention the food.  Killing me.  I have decided next month I'm gonna have to plan my meal menus exclusively from Pinterest and weed out any of the bad ones.  I probably need to start doing a project or two and weed those out.  I wonder, can one get by with two hours sleep?
I found this Pin a while ago and it sits on my Scrappin' Ideas board and I loved its simplicity and the fact that I could use up scraps super fast!  The tree could be done on a smaller scale for Christmas cards.  Shoot, it could be an embellishment on a layout.  The colors are delish.  The scattered "ornaments" reminds me to mix and match buttons and eyelets and brads.  The snowflake makes me want to go scrapbook something with snow in the photos - though it's so hot the snow in the photos would probably melt.  (The heat is back, the 30 degree drop was a too short 12 hour break.) 

Layouts or cards are due on Sunday evening - like late.  Like one minute before midnight MDT!  One entry is all it takes to be in the drawing. Come on.  You know you want to play!

Happy Wednesday.

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Deanna said...

How cute that is! I had forgotten about the 'rolled paper' technique and thanks for the reminder!

Added my link, "My New Trike!"