Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting to Know Wendi Robinson

This  month we have Guest Chef Wendi Robinson filling in on the All Year Cheer Card Kit, and she rocked the kit.  So many cute ideas for cards for any season, but the bright colors are great for your summertime events.

I asked Wendi, who lives in Torrance, California, to tell us a bit about herself.  
I've been married to my hottie hubby for over 13 years and we have three amazing, beautiful kids. Each of our children are named after cities, two of which we have lived in (Austin, Sydney and Chorley). We also have the cutest little beagle named Lily. I enjoy going on long walks, zumba, totally addicted to my iPod, and love my Diet Cherry Pepsi and peanut butter M&Ms, and loooove sushi. As of last July, I became a full time SAHM and have been loving it; I previously worked at the district school office as an AP clerk. My drive for scrapbooking is to fill my creative outlet and my love of photography. I have always been a crafty person and loved to take pictures, I just needed to find a way to combine the two. Once I started scrapbooking, I NEVER looked back. I love creating pages, cards, altering, mini albums and to create home decor for our house. 
  • What can’t you scrap without? Lately it's been my MM distressing tool. I LOVE to add texture to my edges. And mists, they add a splash of color to any project.
  •  How do you approach journaling? I ALWAYS use hand written journaling. Something is so personal about one's handwriting and I want my children and those that look at my books, see my personal touch to a page, like I'm saying my feelings out loud
  •  Set the mood – what’s playing, what are you eating/drinking, when you’re in the scrap-zone? I've got my iTunes or iPod on with The Killers, Depeche Mode, Live or The Bravery, Diet Cherry Pepsi with ice, and either some licorice, peanut butter M&Ms or Hot Tamales.
If you already get the Card Kits, you'll see Wendi's fun card designs in this month's shipment, along with instructions to recreate them.  If you aren't on autoship for the kits, you can pick one up on the 10th or contact me to get on autoship (no-commitment autoship.)

Thanks Wendi for this month's great inspiration.

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Deanna said...

Really wonderful card by Wendi!