Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Clearance - Going on Now

It's that cheery time of year.  Twinkly lights.  Warm, tasty drinks.  Festive presents.  And an Apron Strings Sale that'll save you a sack full of cash. 

You'll find great prices all over, down every virtual aisle.  In the Pantry stroll through Second Helpings of Paper and Embellishments and TV Dinners and you'll discover savings of up to 50%. . .which is nothing to shake a candy cane at.  Wander down the Table Scraps aisles for Past Kits or Other Scraps to find even better savings - like up to 75% better.  There's also deals to be had in this Month's Add-ons, including an add-on cardstock pack and ribbon bundle to go with the soon-to-ship December kits.

Snag yourself past Bigger than a Breadbox kits that are priced at or below the regular cost of Smaller kits. And that means the deals on Smaller than a Breadbox kits are equally awesome.  If you're of the card-making persuasion, or it's a 2013 goal, slide down the Card Kit aisle for stock-up savings.  Past kits will wrap up savings of 30 to 50%.

SPECIAL - shop today (Friday December 7th) and when you purchase three or more TV Dinners, you'll receive a FREE TV Dinner.

The sale continues through the weekend, but shop early to get the best selection.


Rebecca K. said...

darn :( the tv dinners are almost all sold out :(

Lori said...

You can still find a good selection, did you look here:

Rebecca K. said...

holy cow NO, i didn't go there, and there's TONS at that link! :) thanks!

Lori said...

LOL - glad to help! :D