Friday, December 7, 2012

Wrap It Up #5

So today the plan was to show you my progress with December Daily. . .ready for it?
And, ah, yeah. . .great, huh?  I have no progress.  Nothing to show.  Not a photo snapped - well maybe some I could use, but nothing from the prompts over at Journal Your Christmas.  It's been one of the weeks, where there's lots of thoughts but no so much on the actual activities.
On to Plan B.  Today's Wrap It Up inspiration/challenge comes from Midwest Living's Pinterest boards.  I'm sure part of the appeal. . . okay. . . 95% of the appeal is the colors.  That red and white gets me every time.  That icing is amazing, the swirls and whatnot.  Plus how cute of a way to give cookies or candies for the holidays.  Glass (I would probably go the Mason Jar route), filled with the treat, a little Baker's Twine and hang the cookies on the glass.  Done.  If you're looking for card or layout ideas - the lace on the napkin, the clear glass equals "look for acrylic," striped papers, papers with intricate designs, round and star shapes.
Whatever you choose, remember to upload your items by Sunday evening to be eligible for the My Mind's Eye Union Square pack. 
This weekend is off to a slow start - with a trip to the doctor for my 14 y.o. son and his knee.  Lots going on tonight - Mass, weekly Friday night dinner with the in-laws, daughter is off with friends at the zoo's Wild Lights.  Hopefully tomorrow will allow me time to finish the tree that still needs one more box of ornaments dumped on it, a list longer than my arm of business stuff, a craft to-do list that I just want to dig into and ignore all the rest!   Oh, and I need to finish my knitting project that is due Sunday afternoon.  Crap.

Happy Friday,

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