Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wrap It Up #8

More so than Thanksgiving, this seems to be the eating time of year.  It's all the baked goods.  All the scrumptious, butter-based baked goods:  cookies, cakes, tarts, candies, fudges, pastries and all.  

Today's Wrap It Up inspiration comes from such a place - this sweet place - with this Snowflake Mix.  This is one of those yummy little mixes (that comes together quickly) that are perfect for your neighbors or teachers.  Mix up some for yourself, then grab a handful and sit down with your layout, card or holiday decor and create. 

What inspires you - the traditional colors?  The polka dots (both the M&M's and the paper the box is sitting on.)  The striped ribbon?  The texture of the Chex is like burlap or canvas.  It could remind you of plaid or checked papers.  That yummy white chocolate coating everything like a brush stroke of pain or a mist over embellishments.

Who knew you could be inspired by a treat to scrapbook?  Now, once you've create your card, layout or holiday item, upload it to be eligible for this week's goodie:  DreamStreet's Winterland paper line.  'Tis the season of sharing, so inspire others with your work and in turn you could win a little something.

And just so you know that Snowflake Mix can inspire a layout, check out Maria Swiatkowski's layout using the December Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  See the red and green?  See the stripe?  See the M&M-like circles?  And you thought it couldn't be done.  Silly!

Happy Wednesday.


Deanna said...

Added my link and the details are on my blog.

"The Joy of My Heart"

Jessica Navarro said...

I added my link! Great inspiration. Additional pics and details are on my blog at: