Monday, December 10, 2012

Wrap It Up Day #6

So the weekend was about as unproductive list-wise as the previous week.  However, we enjoyed a nice dinner with my parents on Sunday evening.  I handed over the shopping list to DH, and he's already made more progress than I did since I wrote up the stupid thing.  DH and the kids put up more outside lights in the frigid temps.  Looks like hubby is the one who got stuff done!  We got a dusting, though it's hard to even call it that, of snow and the temps are still cold-cold!

Oh, and I finished my first knitting project!! 

Knitted his body, and embroidered his face.  Hard to tell in the pick but his arms are beaded.  He stands about 7 1/2" tall and occupies a shelf in our kitchen.  He needs his hat and scarf, but he's a snowman, what's he want to be warm for anyway?  I'll work more on finishing my hat this Thursday with the knitting group and work on his later.

Hopefully you all managed to stock up during the sale over the weekend and are looking forward to your kits rolling out later this week.  With temps dipping low, it's time to snuggle in and do some serious crafting to escape the chaos that can sometime surround us this time of year.

Speaking of crafting. . .Wrap It Up Day #6 is, naturally, from my Pinterest Boards - this one is from Home for the Holidays.  While the Christmas cards we receive has dwindled as we've not sent them ourselves on a regular basis, that doesn't diminish the adorable-factor or the fact that this would probably fit the number of cards we do receive.  So today you can actually take the inspiration to create a holiday card holder, or you can use the inspiration found on it.  The red ribbons - extra wide.  The wooden shutter - something old, or distressed, or maybe using paint.  White-wash something that's too bright.  Maybe the graphics on the card - the tree, the stamped car, the snowflake.

Whatever your inspiration, run with it, craft with it and then upload it by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's prize:  a paper pack from the Winterland line by DreamStreet.  I don't have a shot of the entire set, but this will give you the color scheme.

 Happy Monday,


Deanna said...

oh that little snowman is adorable, Lori! You did a GREAT job with him! Love the Dream Street line as well, I don't think I've seen that before.

Lori said...

Oh, thanks! He felted up nicely - I was pleased with that.

Deanna said...

Playing a bit of catchup this weekend!

Added my link, "Christmas Elf"