Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wrap It Up #13

He's still all tucked snug in his footed pajamas with a serious case of bed-head.  I hate waking him up, but we've got to get going.  I open his blinds and wait for it. . .I get him standing (I get my morning monkey hug - all arms and legs wrapped tightly around me.) I get him out of his pajamas and tug on his shirt.  He starts looking around and I catch his double take at the white dusting the roof tops he can see out his window.  A quick in-take of his breath, a little bounce on the bed, and. . ."Is it Christmas?"  This time I can tell him, "Soon, baby. . .just a few more days."

Today's Wrap It Up inspiration is found on Scrapbooks Etc. site (via Pinterest of course) for this super easy card.  I mean, look how cute.  I love the popped up circles of snowflakes, but make it even easier by doing away with the circles and just stamp away, or use felt flakes, chip flakes or buttons.  Shoot mix it up and use some stash!  This could also be done on a layout as a border or cutting across the page under or around the photos.

Load your completed page, card or other item by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's prize. . .which I need to find.

Nancy Longo brings some great color with her layout using the December Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  I love how her layout documents her holiday decor; a great way to use random shots I take throughout the season.

The snow continues to fall - blizzard like - and we could see anything from 3 to 6" before it blows itself east. . .my toasty little monkey will be beside himself.  I have to be out in it, so I need to get out and get back.  I love the snow, so long as I don't have to share the road with people who haven't a clue how to drive in it.

Happy Wednesday.

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