Monday, December 17, 2012

Wrap It Up #11

Well, no snow.  Sounds like the mountains are getting some, which is good since the drought continues - our snow pack is 50% of what is should be.  These weather geniuses are saying tomorrow night. I continue to be optimistic.

I had a semi-productive weekend.  Got some pressing things off my to-do list, but naturally more fill in the blank spots.  I have one gift ordered for my husband.  Need to take time today to do a little more shopping for him.  I started reading through the Journal Your Christmas, followed a couple prompts for writing snapped a few of the suggested photos.  Nothing is in an album, yet.  I did clear off my desk and work table, so I have the space.    Family starts arriving this week, presents need wrapping, school is still in for my kids with a half day on Friday for my boys and finals week for my daughter.  I'm hoping I can pace myself and enjoy some of the holidays lights, sights and smells.

You know, sometimes you just need something quick, but homemade:  hostess gift, teacher gift, a brunch contribution or when family is coming into town and you need a munchie to catch up over.  As much as I love baking, I'm not a "fussy" baker - I have no time or focus for those adorable desserts that take more time to assemble than a scrapbook page.   Don't get me wrong, I'll admire and eat them, but I'm not going to be the one making them.  Case in point, I love Bakerella and her cake pops are adorable beyond words - we've made pops, but they get sprinkles and I'm done; you're lucky if they're on a stick.  Sticks just slow you down anyway - my cake pops are "poppable."  I'm a bar, simple cookie and quick bread kinda gal.  Like this Cranberry Almond Bread I pinned.  I see it making it to my table sometime this week.

Did you know besides good for eating, it's good for your inspiration for Wrap it Up?  The embossing on the platter could be embossing on the background of your card or borders on your page.  The swirls on the platter - reach for rhinestone or pearl swirls.  The glaze (yummy orange glaze) could be paint - either whitewash your background or customize a chipboard piece.  The rich dots of cranberries have me thinking of white on white with pops of red, or looking for round red objects.

These little tags made by Maria Swiatkowski using the scraps from her December Bigger than a Breadbox kit could have been inspired by the quick bread.  The red and white color scheme.  The circle tags and buttons.  Even her music note paper has a certain tie back to the scroll work on the platter.  How cute would these cards be on your packages or boxes of treats you share with those in your world?

Time to hit the grocery store for the week.  I need fresh cranberries.

Happy Monday.

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Deanna said...

Based on the image I was inspired by the colors as well as the theme. I pulled out some photos of my DGD Kaylee making Christmas Cookies.

Added my link, "Christmas Cookies"