Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrap It Up #10

Ah-huh.  On tap?  December Daily?  No.  I'm taking pictures, or I should say I have a couple pictures.  I've read one journaling prompt from Journal Your Christmas and have an topic I'm mulling in my head, but that's as far as I've come.  So once again, my inspiration for the post is zilch.

BUT. . .this is the weekend I plan to take back my studio.  It's a disaster.  I know what's new, huh?  My hope is my family will go along with this plan. . .no whining people to yell at, no fighting to break up and the ability to forage for food, decent food, on their own.  I'll cover dinner, but I'd really love to dig in for the weekend.

I have some Christmas shopping - online to do or I'm gonna be paying some serious shipping fees.  But otherwise. . .I'm hoping. . . it's me and my studio.

So what do I give you for inspiration for Wrap it Up?  This bright, cheerful, Sugar Plum Fairy-ish wreath.  It's things like this wreath that confuse my holiday style.  I love the colors, they speak to me and they make me want to change my "scheme" until I see the next Christmas-y thing that will make me want to do a 180.  But it inspires nonetheless. . .the colors, the neutral white, the swirls of the candy, even the cellophane wrappied the candies.

What inspiration will you use?  Put it into action by Sunday evening when you upload your project:  layout, card or some other paper craft to be eligible for this week's prize.

I've done a fair share of work this morning - emptied the last box of ornaments on the tree, vacuumed my studio in the hopes a clean, scrap-free floor will somehow transfer to my work surfaces.  It's the season of elves, a scrapper can wish.  I've tracked down a Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe for tonight, need to make some bread to go with it - and hit the store for ingredients.  And onward down my list we go.

Happy Friday,

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