Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Story and Inspiration

So you know what's fun.  Heading up the stairs to get your four year old into the shower and he dashes down the hall to get his towel and comes out of the bathroom talking about someone not cleaning up from their bath.  Not a shocker. . .the kids' bathroom is generally under a constant state of of the banes in our household.  

As can happen at the end of a long day, I'm not really paying attention to what he's saying so much as I'm noticing, with a big sigh, he's not doing what I asked - going to our bathroom for his shower.  I go down the hall to moosh him along and he's still talking about someone making a mess. Ya-ya I mumble, it's always a mess, a remark in an off-the-cuff-let's-get-a-move-on way.  Until I see the puddle by the door, reflected in the light from the hall.  Seriously, I think.  What? . . . I flip on the light expecting to see someone's water bottle had fallen over and lost its contents on the floor.  Nope.  

You know those moments of "dawning" as you really start to see what's going one?  I follow the puddle along the baseboard of the cupboard, while looking at the counter above - a mess?  Totally.  Wet?  Not so much.  The rugs, I begin to notice, are wet on the floor, too.  My gaze follows the water signs along the floor toward the tub and toilet.  Larger puddles.  More water.  What the. . .?????  

My first thought was the toilet had sprung a leak, because I can see the water dripping from somewhere . . . around it, on it, in it, I can't tell.  A closer look finds that it is overflowing from the bowl.  Much cussing ensues as I grab all the towels from the racks and fling them to the floor while yelling. My yelling usually is ignored, but today it draws attention and the boys come up.  Why is it your kids are the most dense when you need them to think??   Get more towels, I yell, to people who look back at me like I'm speaking some foreign language while sprouting something out the top of my head.  Someone finally moves.  I find the source of the problem, and begin fixing it while asking the, "who did this," to which, naturally, nobody knows.  

In the end I lost 30 minutes to clean-up and the ceiling above the bathroom is being watched for signs of water, since I have no idea how long the water was running in there.  But I do have a clean bathroom floor.  Did I take a picture of it for my Project Life week?  No!  Will this post show up on the layout?  Yes.  Maybe with a shot of the pile of wet towels still in a soggy lump on the laundry room floor.

What I wanted to do was work on something creative.  What I ended up doing was necessary, but alas not as much fun.  I want you to have fun today, instead of looking at a pile of water-logged towels, so go create something and use this color scheme as your inspiration, found on Apron Strings' Pinterest board - Color Theory.  I love the photo, and the colors.  So pretty.  So serene.

Serenity NOW!

Happy Thursday.


Deanna said...

So sorry about your mess! :(

Beautiful color combo! I'll see what I can come up with.

Tamika said...

I am letting out a sigh of relief now because I am not the only one that has similar situations, with a similar reactions and similar family members.

just jennifer said...

Love the nobody knows - that is so common around here! Sorry for your trouble, glad you caught it relatively early!

Love those colors!!

I've decided I must schedule a scrap date 1/month even if Kim can't go that often - any weekends look good next month???

Lori said...

Deanna - well, I got a clean floor out of it

Tamika - I have a feeling more families are a like than they are different. . somehow that's not the consolation it should be, LOL

Jennifer - are the colors yummy. I understand the going once a month - I've done it, alone even, and it's all good! Next month is tricky with the a couple birthdays and at least one soccer tourney - ick - but 2nd weekend maybe??

Barbara Eads said...

I love how you describe the moment of realization that there's a problem. I know just how you felt as I watched a poinsettia some how flip out of my hands at 4:30 this a.m.---in slow motion as it spit dirt everywhere prior to hitting the floor and exploding! Another huge mess! But, I didn't have the forethought to photograph it either. This, too, shall pass!

Deanna said...

Lori, thanks for the color inspiration! I dug into some new Pink Paislee Portfolio goodies I got for Christmas.

"Park Adventure"

jengd said...

Eeesh! Hope the water was contained to the mess you found on the floor! Great color combo!