Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inspiration and Energy

I'm glad someone's crafting, because even though my intent has been to do so this week, I can't seem to get myself down to my space.  Last night I fell asleep putting the 4 y.o. to bed, the night before it was helping the 12 y.o. with a paper.  And with the cold, it's just been freezing down there, so I that makes it less appealing.  Today, though, today is my day.  Even if all I get done is adding tiny strips of paper to my One Little Word cards, I'm going down there!

Today's inspiration comes from Kristin Perez using the January Smaller than a Breadbox kit, the Carta Bella papers, which are just yummy.  I just love these colors!!  Her photos, with Santa in red and her girls in the turquoise. . .perfect.

Now, if you're planning to do a little crafting, or maybe you're on that January-high and have decided to tackle your crafting space, you're going to need more than just the will to do so.  You're gonna need some energy.  I made the Chocolate Granola Bars, pictured in the upper left - the original Pin is on the I Can Cook That board on Pinterest.  My version the mini chips are still mini-chips - her version she added the chips when the goo that holds the bars together was still warm, so her chips melted to make a nice glaze.  Either way, they are gooood!!!  So good, you might just find yourself taking more than one "energy boosting break."

Happy Thursday,

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