Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stinkin' Cold

Today marks the 7th day, that I've counted, that I have been working with frozen, chapped hands and toes that are more icicle than flesh. It's flippin' cold.  Frigid.  Ice-land-o-wonder.  Today our high will be a whopping 32 degrees!  Up ten degrees from yesterday.  Well break out the shorts and call me hot.  Not!  If it's this cold, I want to see snow, not frozen brown grass.  I took my "deep-sigh moment" for snow by gazing at the mountains this morning during my drive to drop of my high schooler, hoping my seat warmer did its job quickly.  The foothills, just a stone's (a frozen stone) throw from our home are pretty devoid of white themselves.  The hills just behind them have a dusting that's settled into the cracks and creases.  But the peaks behind those are slathered in white.  Ahhhh. . .better.

I try to think cozy, warm thoughts while crafting.  I'll be doing that later today when I challenge myself to create cards.  Today, challenge yourself to create using this color inspiration from Design-Seeds via Apron Strings' Color Theory Pinterest board.

Uh, and look at this, the color combo above can be found in January's Bigger than a Breadbox kit.  How 'bout that!  Among her other layouts, Maria Swiatkowski is participating in Project Life and used her Little Yellow Bicycle papers to create three pages for her Project Life album.  Here she's using a simple 2-up format, so she knows exactly how big to make her cards and photos; measure and cut and she's done.  On the layout here, she's also included a little embellishment found in the Studio Calico Wood Veneer Camera.  It needs nothing else and she's her first week.  Go Maria!!

Happy Tuesday,


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Deanna said...

Here's mine based on the color inspiration. LOVE that color combo!

"First Snow"