Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas (Just) Past

Scenes from a Christmas season. 
A visit from a naughty elf. . .no that's not garland, it's TP.  And if he's gonna play poker the house should get 50% of the winnings.  A visit from St. Nick.  Excitement.  Annual cookie bake and the big one. . .Christmas Morning!


It was a pleasant holiday with out-of-town family coming in.  Good food.  Laughter.  Cold weather.  Snowfall on Christmas Day.  And stockings stuffed full.  And shoes that made a statement and were comfortable too. 
Now, to sort out the December Daily stuff and get it done.
Happy Thursday.  Right?  Thursday...


Donna Nuce said...

Oh Lori! Your elf is funny! Is that a Wiemeraner I see? We rescue Wiems ourselves. Great dogs. New Years Resolution for me -- enter more card challenges!

Lori said...

Thanks. My first youngest son took photos of Abbott (the elf). I think the only one he missed was the elf in the fridge drinking from a straw with a cookie in his hand....the son claims he didnt see him when he got his milk for cereal that motning. Milk that was NEXT to the elf.

Our dog is a Wirehair Viszla. I'm a basset fan myself, but we looked into "grey ghosts" before getting the Viszla.