Monday, January 7, 2013

Clarity on Mondays - Week 1, Project Life

I was hoping on Friday, as Christmas Break wrapped up and I our normal schedules loomed before me, that I would find some clarity in the scramble that had become my days (and my mind) while the kids were home.  And it's sort of there.  My normal routine kicked in.  I got some thoughts down on paper and out of my head.  Started tackling some to-do's.
The kids and DH pulled down all the outside lights while the weather cooperated, and by that I mean it got above 32 degrees.  I left them all on Saturday evening to head to Archiver's for a crop with friends.  It took a little to get myself working, but in the end I completed my first week's layout for Project Life, and started my One Little Word cards. 
The first year I did Project Life I purchased one of Becky Higgins' kits. . .which worked great for me given my youngest was just 3 months old and I had three other active children.  Looking at her kits this year, they are tempting (a couple of them have delish colors) and I know the ease.  However, this time around I had determined that I would be using my stash of Apron Strings kits to create my weekly pages and I purchased a 12x12 Doodlebug album to house the pages. I mean I have a stash, why not use it.  And I kinda need that bit of creativity - I can't explain it, but I need it and if I deplete my supplies some, then bonus!  While my Week One layout is done in a traditional fashion, I also expect that I will use divided pocket pages as well.  Now that I've decided I'm only using photos taken with my phone, I'll be able to pick up some divided pages.
I'm staying super simple.  This is not to replace my regular scrapbooking.  But my "work-in-progress" photos are such that if I followed my standard procedure, these photos: 1) wouldn't be taken, they are not something I would typically photograph and document to create a full-page layouts for, and 2) would be hidden from view for five or more years.

And the million dollar question. . .did she get out for her walk?  I guess you'll have to wait for Week Two to find out.

Happy Monday,


Briel said...

Hi Lori! Happy New Year! Did you see this post from Michael Moore? I read it on Cathy Z's blog. I thought of it and your walks. I think you can do it!

Lori said...

LOL, Briel. Thank you for your confidence. After running around all day today, taking a little walk would have cleared my head, but it just didn't happen. Here's to tomorrow. ;)