Friday, January 4, 2013

Personal Intentions

Resolutions.  Goals.  Great words, to be sure, but a tad intimidating.  One of the bloggers I follow set up their 2013 goals . . . I went to find the post to give proper credit, but I can't.  I can see the stinkin' post in my head, but not whose blog it is.  Anyway, she used the word "Intention."  I gotta say I like it.  There's none of that nasty negativity involved with a lost intention.  You intend to do these things, but there's something softer, more adjustable about it.
A couple days ago I listed two of my big projects for this year:  Project Life and One Little Word.  I have a few photos taken for the week for Project Life and hope to get them printed and on the page.  I need to get started on my One Little Word - which involves making some sort of cards; luckily I have a month to do so before the next prompt is sent.

I also started the year off with some health-related intentions.  Yep, getting out and walking is on the list . . . again.  If it actually gets above freezing, today may be the day I take my first walk of the new year, but I'm not one of the people who is out walking in 0 degrees huffing and puffing along.  I'm also not a hot-weather or rainy-weather walker.  I'm simply not and I'm giving myself PERMISSION to acknowledge that.  I also downloaded the Lose It app (though the community and program are available online as well) and have been faithfully adding my intake, since New Year's Eve, and have lost six pounds so far.  I don't need to lose a lot - like 15 pounds would be nice and is my goal.  However, I think it's a good way to see what I'm eating and trying to make healthier, smarter choices.  Like the one piece of cake a-day plan vs. more cake is better philosophy.  Well more is better - it's cake after all, but not so much smarter.

I've got plans for the blog. . .I just need to lay them out and get my thoughts organized.  Something else to do this weekend.  I'm going cropping on Saturday so there's hope that one of the many projects from 2012 - like Week in the Life, Take 12 or December Daily with get a good solid start. . .or maybe my Project Life will get the first week completed.  Who knows.  I do know I need a list. . .lists, at least, get the thoughts out of my head.

Breaks, like Christmas Breaks, are great.  But you sure lose track of your days and thoughts can be a bit scrambled.  Here's to hoping there's some clarity come Monday morning!

Happy Friday,

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