Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life - Week 4

It turned out to be a pleasant weekend.  Weather was nice.  I don't recall bickering children, though I'm sure it happened.  And I got to spend time doing what I had planned - always nice.  I also realized that two deadlines for my son loomed: one his yearbook dedication page and two his photos for his poster. 

My son is an 8th grader this year and will be "graduating" in May, after nine years spent with his classmates in the same school.  The school does several nice things to make the final year for these students special.  One being dedication pages in the yearbook, created by their families.  The other is 8th grade posters - not created by their families but of volunteers - hurray for the volunteers!  These two projects meant that I had to spend time going through mountains of prints and digital files looking for a handful of photos that showcased my son's life.  Too many photos.  Too many memories to narrow down to 20-25 that would encapsulate his life.  But, I got the first of two complete - six photos and a note to him scrapbook style for the yearbook.

Beside those two projects, I managed to upload all my 2011 photos to await a sale to get them printed.  I completed my One Little Word cards.  Created another couple pages in my December Daily album. And Week 3 in Project Life.  Another kit used, well, partially this time - Bigger than a Breadbox January '12 - some Studio Calico.  I won't be making cards as there's enough left from that kit to create another layout, and then I'll create cards - though I have more cards to share from Week 2's scraps later this week, too.  

I'm enjoying just snagging the odd photos.  This week saw hubby's birthday, and a gift enrolling him in the "argyle club."  Sun spots in the yard for a dog who is usually more interested in hunting down some varmint - our bassets used to live for yard sun spots.  Two sick days for my 12 year old.  Enrolling in my next two knitting adventures classes - socks and a sweater.  (Yikes, look out!)  Cleaning the family room carpets.  Late night pick-ups.  The arrival of "one of the best gifts I've gotten in a long time," my husband's throw-back Colorado Rockies jersey - the hockey team.  A couple photo projects that led to the sorting and subsequent cleaning out of a basket of scrapbooked photos - what a mess.  I need a system here.  The tree is down!  The tree is down!  Big dogs and their tangle of legs; it's still hard to get used to when you've had squat-legged, long-eared bassets.

Happy this-should-have-been-Monday's-post Tuesday!

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