Monday, June 17, 2013

Around the Lake

So sorry about last week's challenges. . .we were on our annual week up at Taylor Park and it was a struggle to get and/or maintain Internet access.  I thought about setting up the posts before leaving, but never found the time, and frankly I didn't expect the connectivity issues.




Our annual trip whisked us away to enjoy cooler, much cooler, temperatures.  We, well not me, but others fished.  It was a good week to be a fish, not so much if you were the fisherman.  We streamed Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals (my daughter's favorite teams are head-to-heading it and she's torn as to who she wants to win) and we watched, clumped around the laptop waiting anxiously through the "buffering."  We went up to Crested Butte to wander, shop and do a tasting at a Rum Distillery.  We played games that made you want to tear your hair out.  We wandered up to the mining town we discovered last year and did some more fishing - this is where the only fish were caught by our family; my daughter, my son and hubby were the lucky ones.  We enjoyed "fried to order" donuts that were gluten free and you'd never know it.  We watched Saturday morning cartoons via DVDs on the laptop.  We crashed. . .in the perfect way.  Awesome.

I, while others enjoyed the boat and the lake, enjoyed quiet time where my biggest problem was figuring out what to do.  I knitted.  I finished yet another book - I think I'm officially out of reads.  I worked on a cross-stitch ornament.  I did a little work when I had Internet.  I finished my 2012 December Daily album.  Can I get a woohoo?  And I discovered, when I went to set up Project Life photo sheets, that my computer rebuild of a few weeks ago, left me without my photo files. . .ah, honey!  HONEY!!!

So while I wait for hubby to find and restore my photos, you can work on your next stack of photos.  This week's comes again from Nuts About Sketches.  Follow the link and you'll get amazing examples to get you running.

Playing along with all this week's challenges gets you entered in a drawing for a Gift Code to Apron Strings shopping savings.  Play all month and you're entered in the June Drawing for a prize pack.


I managed to get unpacked, wash all the dishes from the weekend, sort and start laundry and get almost everything put away.  It's amazing what still needs doing.  Storms are rolling in, plants need a good soaking, coolers were washed last night  and are ready to be stored away.  Totes awaiting cleaned dishes need to be put away.  Various bags, shoes, totes and other items need to be dragged to their final destinations.  Then the daily-life activities need dealing with.

Happy Monday,


Deanna said...

Sounds and looks like you had the perfect 'getaway', Lori!

Lori said...

It was awesome. This is our fourth year and we made our reservations for next year on our way out. :)

wendipooh13 said...

oh wow!!!! that looks amazing and such a gorgeous trip!!! I really need one to a place like that!!!

Lori said...

Wendi, it was fantastic. It's a delicious combination of boredom (in a good way) and relaxation. This was our fourth year. We love it, cabin quirks and all.

Deanna said...

Here's my version on the sketch.