Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cyber Stalking or Just Interested Party?

You'd think I know her personally or something.  Here is a woman I've never met.  I found her blog via her "appearance" on a podcast that I listen to.  I like her stamps and mini albums, and while her decorating style is not mine, I like how she approaches her spaces.  I appreciate what she snaps photos of, they inspire me in my everyday photos.  

Her name is Elise Blaha and yesterday she announced she was headed to the hospital to deliver her first child.  Her husband is deployed and the past few months were a guessing/praying game that his leave would allow him to be home in time to be with her for the birth; he arrived before baby made her appearance - hurray!  So after her initial announcement via Instagram that she was in labor, I would hear my phone ping and wonder "Was the baby here?"  "Is it an update?" "Is it a baby photo?"  Crazy!  There were a couple updates, I assume by her husband, but it was otherwise quiet.  When I got up this morning I checked to see if there was an update and it made me realize that the Internet is a crazy space where these cyber-connections - sometimes one-sided connections - actually make you feel, well, connected.  My next thought was "I hope she's had the baby." I've done the 12 hour labor thing and, yeah, I'm just hoping they're enjoying being new parents.

I experience the same thing with the members at Apron Strings.  Some I may have an email exchange with,  some I see their layouts, cards and projects and some the only contact is seeing their kit roll through my hands every month, but it's a connection where it makes me feel I know these people.  Maybe you feel the same thing in the blogs you follow, or maybe it's just me, in which case professional help may be necessary.

Let's move into our own connection - connecting to your photos and creating layouts, or maybe a card.  Today's sketch is also from a Pinterest search, which again led me to the Scrapbooks Etc. site.  It's like a box of chocolates. . .you never know what you're gonna get.  It's another easy-to-mirror for a 2-pager.

Uh, and lookie-lookie. . .Maria Swiatkowski's layout using the Smaller than a Breadbox June kit is a take on the sketch!  Love it when that happens.

I know it's the 12th hour, but I'm changing things a bit.  ANYONE who completes each of this week's sketch challenges will receive a Gift Code to save at Apron Strings.  This next part hasn't changed though:  enter any of the month's challenges and be entered into a drawing for the June prize pack.

Happy Thursday,


Deanna said...

I know what you mean about that cyber connection. I feel that way about many people and about you, Lori although we've never spoken on the phone or in person.

GREAT sketch and hope some others will join in!

Ruth G said...

I can totally relate to your statements about feeling like you "know" someone just because of what you've read on their blog or from hearing them on a podcast! We all speak the same language and are passionate about similar things. It's a connection I don't share with many (nobody I know IRL cares about the newest collection from Teresa Collins, but online there are many "friends" who would share my enthusiasm!) No, you're not alone, and now we share the connection of feeling a little weird about cyberfriendships! That's cool with me! I hope it doesn't creep you out;-)!

wendipooh13 said...

I can totally relate to those online connections... I've been following her blog too!!! LOL

Deanna said...

Here's my take on the sketch!

"Happy Holidays"