Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I feel like I had a rather productive weekend - and I can't always, say that no matter how much I get done.  I blame it on steam cleaning the carpet in the family room and half the stairs.  (I only did half to use the water in the tank - eventually I'll need to finish.)  It was one of those items on the check list that I could see (and see the BIG difference) whenever I walked in there.  Clean carpet is good for the soul.

I did make it down to my studio and got a good start on it.  The surrounding area, aka the kids' space, is in good shape.  My own space, I cleaned off my work table which was no small feat in itself.  I started making piles on my desk.  I did some needed updates and paperwork.  

The baby birds who were nesting on the front porch have left, so I hosed down the railings, floor and scrubbed the winter dust from the chairs and table and it is now ready to enjoy cooling evenings on.

I also had two kids who did some moving of things around in their rooms, so that added to the productive vibe going on.

Saturday night we enjoyed our first "Outdoor Movie Night" that my younger sister hosts about once a month during the summer.  We gathered on the back lawn, snugged up in blankets with our BYOS (bring your own snacks) and watched "Clue," under the Super Moon.  I had never seen the movie, and it was good.  And I didn't do any better at figuring out who-done-it than I do in the game itself.  Next month - James Bond!  Nothing to figure out there. . .Daniel Craig is hot.

Monday was over productive.  It was one of those days where I was cruising and thought, I'll have 30 minutes between this thing and the next thing to get that blog post done and then something filled in that 30 minutes and before I knew it time was gone.  So, sorry about that.  But today dawns bright and will soon be heating up, so you can grab this sketch, an Apron Strings kit and head to cooler places.

Today's sketch comes from a Pinterest search - surprise.  Not.  Which led me to SketchSupport, an Allison Davis site (who sketches I have used before).  The blog itself is on a break of unknown length, but there's plenty of content to browse and be inspired by.  I like the option of adding four or five small photos over the background blocks.  Continue the blocks and the photos across two pages.  It's also a great template for a card.

I think for this final week of June, I'll reward ya'll the same as last week - ANYONE completing all the challenges this week and then sharing them in the comment sections will receive a Gift Code to shop at Apron Strings.  All the entries are automatically entered into the drawing for the June Prize Pack.

Since I'm on the productivity roll, I'm gonna go see what I can tackle today.

Happy Tuesday,


carla said...

Woohoo! I completed a challenge! I had an evening alone at home. It was most lovely. Here's a link to the layout. http://carlaslittlethings.blogspot.com/

Lori said...

YAHOO! Carla. Congrats for the time to yourself and the time with some supplies turned a completed page. :D

Deanna said...

YAY Carla! So glad you're playing along!

Here's my version on the sketch.
"Beach Loving"