Monday, June 3, 2013

Stream of Conscientiousness and New Challenge

Or maybe not conscientiousness, but rather of email/cyber space: 

Reading email.  Pinning yummy looking recipes (proud to have not yet wandered into Pinterest.)  Reading feeds from blogs I follow.  Follow a link from a "Friday Favorites" that leads me to Etsy.  Look at link.  Think about fruit labels.  Search fruit labels.  Think about vintage milk caps (came up with an idea for the mantel).  Search milk caps.  Saw "milk glass" pop up when searching caps.  Go back and search milk glass, remembering a piece my grandmother had.  Random thought about Bakelite. . .search Bakelite. Too expensive.  Nothing appeals on the first page.  Moving on.  Search vintage aprons (have a thing for aprons.)  Found eight in a lot.  Saw price.  Moving on.  Thought about setting up blog post for Monday, including Friday Pinterest meal.  Go start post.  Go back to Pinterest.  Stuck in Pinterest vortex.  Something makes me want to search for blue floral plates.  Back to Etsy but don't see anything in the first couple pages.  Search for farmhouse tableware.  (My current summer dishes, which I love, are retired and I need to find some pieces, or replace them outright.  Hubby may not entirely get on board with this idea.)  Google my pattern and see who may have it.  Look up name first on website.  Back to Pinterest. . .looking and pinning.  Can't find pattern name on website, go look at plate.  Grab a cookie.  Website has two pieces left, neither of which need.  Go to eBay to search.  Lots there.  Tempted to pick up dinner plates.  Web search again.  Bored.  Done.   Total elapsed time. . .an hour or so I tell myself.
Friday night's in-law dinner was a Pinterest feast.

From the I Can Cook That board (I'll be moving these to the I Cooked That) I made Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken, Cilantro Lime Rice and then Classic Peanut Butter Cookies served with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (made by my 14 y.o. son.)  I only made a couple changes - to the rice, I used Minute Rice because it's what I had on hand.  I followed the recipe and threw in the rice with the liquid and looking at it knew there was no way it would soak it all up.  So I added about another cup of rice to the rice mixture.  Next time I'll either cut the liquid in half and cook as the recipe lists, just do the liquid portion and add the rice at boiling (as for standard Minute Rice) or do regular rice.  It's a rice that would be great with Mexican food or in a burrito.  In the cookies, I used one cup of peanut butter chips and 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chips - per hubby's request.  I was so proud of myself for using Pinterest, and to have a whole meal from there. . .bonus points!


A weekend without soccer.  A weekend without my daughter, who flew with her Aunt out to San Diego to watch her run the Rock 'n Roll marathon, though she ran the half marathon.  Her Aunt (my sister) ran the full Rock 'n Roll marathon here in Denver a couple years ago.  I've followed them on Instagram, race updates and she's texted me their adventures.  Looks like they had fun, and they return home this afternoon.

I went to Archiver's on Saturday night and completed another 10 pages in my December Daily 2012 album - I think that leaves me with seven more.  And then putzed around on Sunday, putting out little fires of my own creation.  Walked over to a nursery just down the street and picked up a couple packs of Snapdragons for along the front steps.  Will get those planted later today.  I also put my green onion bottoms (did you know the root ends will re-sprout in water?) out in pots on the porch, as well as the Basil that I put in water when I picked up a bunch at the store and it sprouted roots too.  Who  knew!

Summer Break is in full swing - all the kids are now officially out.  In honor of the slower pace, yet keeping in mind there is a different chaos in our midst, this month's challenges are all about using sketches to get your projects done.

Today's sketch comes from Nuts About Sketches.  Shawn has awesome sketches and her team produces great inspiration using them.  Add more photos, mirror the page for a 2-pager or use it for a card instead of a layout.  Just get your project created then add a link in the comments to become eligible for June's prize - which I will find.  Create a page-a-day, or a card-a-day, and be eligible for a gift code to the Apron Strings store.  I'll select a winner for this week from those who link up by Sunday evening.
90 is the temp o'the day, so I'm off to clean while the house is relatively cool.  I also have a cake to bake for the weekly Monday dinner with the in-laws and would like that in the oven before the kitchen becomes one itself.
Happy Monday,


Deanna said...

What a fantastic sketch to work with! LOVE it!

Here's my version...
"Sleeping Prince"

Lori said...

Aren't her sketches great?