Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, Food and Non-Freaks

It was so great to read your comments yesterday and know I'm not a total freak in need of help!  LOL

Deanna, glad that you concur ;D - and yes, many people should join in the challenges; I concur with that! 

Ruth, I'm not creeped out at all.  And just come jumping over here whenever there's a line you want to dance around about - I'm with you there!  CHA is just a couple weeks away!

Wendi, okay, since you follow Elise as well, were you stalking her for information?  I know I was relieved to see she'd finally delivered. . .and how sweet is that little peanut!  Love the name they picked too - so unique.

Since Fridays usually start with some sort of I'm-scrapping-tonight-here's-some-food-for-the-family, I'm sharing the dessert I made for our weekly Friday Dinner with the In-Laws.  I got it from my Taste of Home subscription, but found the recipe on their website.  I'm not great at crusts, so we'll see how this turns out - it looks good.  I took a cue from Pioneer Woman and used my Cuisinart to pulse the crust together.  The cream cheese base made more than would fit on the crust, which might be because I used a pizza stone instead of a pan.  So I'll be making another crust tomorrow, maybe with a rhubarb topping since I snagged a few stalks of that this week.  I used the cherries we picked last summer and omitted the food coloring; I didn't see the point.  I also won't be doing whipped cream, since I'm out.

Today's sketch comes from My Creative Sketches, after just doing a Bing search.  The blog has some awesome examples of the sketch in use.  If you're not a one-photo scrapper, you could totally do three or four smaller ones within the circle - layer them or do a larger photo horizontally and tuck two or three vertical photos in behind it.  

Now remember I changed the rules for this week.  ANYONE who enters all the challenges for this week will get the $5 Gift Code.  Deadline is Sunday night.  Entering this week automatically enters you into the drawing for the June prize pack at the end of the month.
Well, I swept the wood floors, vacuumed and steam-cleaned the family room.  I sort of tidied.  Got chicken cooking for my enchiladas, and the dessert is done.  I need to find a side or two for the enchiladas, but it's time to move myself down to the basement for some serious cleaning.  It's supposed to be stinking hot this weekend and I see myself living down there with my iced coffee.
Happy Friday.

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Deanna said...

Coming in under the wire here! LOL I've had 4 of my grandkids here most of the weekend and finally got this one done.

"Pool Beauties"