Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lilacs in Bloom

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers.  Every Spring, from the time I notice the little green buds popping, I look forward to their soft purple shades and sweet smell.  I noticed the other night, when I was sitting in the backyard avoiding work enjoying a moment of quiet that I could smell the lilacs on the breeze.  The time they are in bloom is definitely too short for me.  I decided to cut a couple past-their-prime sprigs (I have a hard time cutting the freshest blooms) and bring them into the house.  They are sitting on the counter by the sink so I can take in their scent.  This morning I noticed the little blooms are shriveling and are starting to fall to the counter.  Even now, when the bloom is literally off the plant, I can still smell them.  Simple pleasures.

I'm stretching my sketch wings and ferreting out some new sites, like this one Miracles' Momma Designs, found in a Pinterest search.  I love the three, possibly four spaces for photos - square. . .perfect for those Instagram prints.  It's also easily mirrored for a 2-pager.  Creating cards?  Easie-peasie.  Check out Heather's blog for an example and other designs.

Okay, so you have until Sunday evening to get work linked up in the comment sections of this week's challenges to be eligible for a gift code to the Apron Strings website.  You have all month long to get things done and become eligible for June's prize pack.  See, two ways to win PLUS you get pages and or cards completed in the process.  Win-win.  Everyone loves that.

Happy Thursday,


Deanna said...

Really like that sketch and here's my version. Hadn't thought of using these Basic Grey papers for Easter when I bought them but I like how it turned out.

"Happy Easter!"

Lori said...

That is awesome. I'm not sure I'd have thought Eastern looking at that line either, but it's just too cute!