Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Fog (of the mind)

I woke up late, which is never a good start to any day.  The whole family is still on lake time (we slept until 8-8:30 up there,) I suspect, but it's time to get back to our regular lives - work, chores, projects.  So, I'll sit with my coffee, try to grab some focus and figure out where to start my day.

Speaking of projects I mentioned yesterday that I finished up my 2012 December Daily album.  I have to deal with the blank, naked chipboard cover (anyone have any ideas???) and slip on bigger binder rings - my book is a bit fat; sorta like me after a week of s'mores for dessert and bacon at every meal.  Here's a look-see at half of what I completed.  I'll share the other half tomorrow, or this post would be huge.

Now it's your turn to shake the fog of the morning and get something creative completed.  Today's sketch comes from a Pinterest search, which led me to a general Google page, so I'm not able to link back to the creator's site.  But I love the sketch.  I love the multi-photos on the one page (perfect for Project Life) and the simplicity of the other elements.  Yet another easy-to-mirror layout, simply move the top or bottom photo corner to the other page.  This way the photo corners still bracket the photos, they just do so over the entire layout.

I have created a Sketch board over on the Apron Strings Pinterest Boards, but I'm going to have to populate it carefully and slowly, because frankly I could Pin every sketch ever sketched.  It's an illness really.

Remember, enter every challenge this week for a chance at winning the Apron Strings Gift Code.  Your second chance comes with completing any challenge this month to be eligible for the June Prize Pack.

Happy Tuesday,


Deanna said...

Lori, Wonderful work with your December Daily album! I love the unique little details on each page!

GREAT sketch with all the photo options too!

Lori said...

Oh thanks. I like the way it turned out, too. :)

Deanna said...

I really love that sketch and here's my version...

"Surf's Up!"

Patchi said...

That's a great album! And done is even better ;)

I made a card with this sketch:

Lori said...

Thanks, Patchi! And yes, done is awesome. :)