Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Croptober - Day Eight

If you didn't want to delve into the black hole that is Pinterest, these Croptober challenges are not helping.  And today will be another fail in staying away from Pin Boards, because that's where this cute card comes from, and leads to the Simply Stamped blog.  I must say, the key on Pinterest, is to go in knowing what you're looking for.  Scrolling through your feed, well, you're done for before you start, but searching for something specific and you're much better off.

Like these little guys.  My search was simply "Halloween Card" and I wanted something simple, so I scrolled quickly until something caught my eye.

Turn this simple card into a card yourself, or a layout equally simple.  Or frankly, how cute would bigger spiders with pipe cleaner (sorry I'm a child of the 70's) or chenille stick legs be, hanging from your window, door, mantel or mirror?

Dangle these guys from the top of your layout and/or down the sides.  Add more and dance them off along the bottom of your page.  Take them off their strands and plop them around your layout.  Use them as a substitute for the letter "O" in your title.  Make bigger ones to insert into a pocket - make it interesting and trim them to fit.  Remember that card from Day Three, put this trio in the pumpkin's places.  If that fails, there's always the colors of Pumpkin, Fuchsia and Spinach to mess around with

Go.  Create.

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