Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Are

Well, Fall came flying in today.  Highs only in the 50's, with rain all day.  Can I get a, "Right ON!"   It's lovely.

The good thing about a busy weekend, lots of fun things to take pictures of:  A Move, A Picnic, A Party, A Race and A Rocket.

  • We are thinking her dorm room bares are striking resemblance to her room at home - though she doesn't seem to see it that way.
  • We are loving this view is in our own front yard, literally.
  • We are showing Papa the ropes of playing Battleship.
  • We are She is ready.  Sort of.  Maybe.
  • We are rollin'. (already ejected the 17 y.o.)
  • We are finding too much hilarity in someone else's terror.  We all were, he did not want to be on there.
  • We are finding there's physics involved if you want to attain maximum spin
  • We are not allowed to say the words "Tilt-a-Whirl" anymore, or even hint at riding anything like it, for the rest of the day.  Therefore. . .
  • . . .We are riding a Banana
  • We are taking a lot of convincing to get in the Paddle Boat Swan, given we are not over the trauma recently experienced.
  • We are surprised this was their only ride on the zip line.  Maybe it was the "landing."  Or maybe it was the harnesses.  Both?
  • We are not so much rule-followers when playing mini golf.
  • We are forcing him to ride, which will negate our chances of winning parents of the year.  Tears before the ride even starts, turn to happy smiles when he realizes, "Hey, this is fun."
  • We happily pick several other rides more his style.  No thrill seeker, he.
  • We are waiting in the only line we had all afternoon
  • We are told afterwards, that the 7 y.o. white knuckled the ride, but smiled through it.
  • We are thinking maybe "no" on the 15 y.o. getting his permit.  He seems far to comfortable at racing - he was pretty good.
  • We are only up in the pre-dawn hours on Sunday morning for one reason - to cheer for a child
  • We are She is on her mark.
  • We are She is DONE!  Personal best time.
  • We are so proud.  
  • We are finally launching.
  • We are spending a lot of time with our eyes to the sky - luckily it was a gorgeous, no-wind, afternoon.
  • We are part of the Color Guard on Monday morning and "excited" doesn't cover it.
  • We are wondering why there was no one there to remind me, when I was buying 85 bulbs, how much I hate gardening.
  • We are ignoring the fact that we were told to "Rake them."
Happy Wednesday,

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