Friday, October 30, 2015

Croptober - Day Ten

So, I made the mistake of typing "Autumn Decor" into the Pinterest search and. . .yeah, way too much eye candy for one who L.O.V.E.S. fall.  Talk about falling down the rabbit hole, so many great ideas and colors, so short a season.  

I saw the above photo first off, but kept scrolling in my autumn-fever.  I did finally force myself to look away and focus on what I was there for. . .find inspiration for paper creations, not how to decoupage fallen leaves on to a mason jar, or 25 ways to decorate a pumpkin without carving it, or knitting something cozy for the couch.  I followed the link to the Sugar Pie Farmhouse blog.

Croptober's final challenge involves this picture.  Halloween is certainly not the end of fall - there's all of November.  In my house I pull off the spiders, glittery "Boo's" and witches shoes that are all about Halloween and leave behind the pumpkins and leaves that just move my home into November.  This photo makes me think I need more galvanized steel in my decor, but I digress.  As much as the photo inspires my home decor (which I could totally incorporate paper creations into), it also reminds me how much I love fall activities and documenting them.

There's the obvious inspiration - the pumpkins - papers, embellishments or even a chipboard mini album.  They are round so I think buttons and brads.  But it could also remind me to incorporate round into my layout or card.  The metal bucket might remind me I have a jar full of metal embellishments - clips, tiny plaques, pins, gears, flair, etc.  The branches make me think of several lines found in kits that have tree/leave/branch graphics and to go find them.  But it could also point me towards my smaller stash of wooden pieces - journaling cards, clothes pins, buttons, arrows, hearts, etc.  I love the old lantern in the back - the light makes me think rhinestones and pearls.  There's the stone chimney and wooden mantel to think about, too.  Then the overall warm colors of: pumpkin, steel grey, chestnut and cream.

So much to think about to inspire my next paper project, be it layout, card or something for the house.

If you feel inclined to share a link to your creation, please do so in the comments.  Inspiration is always welcome.

Go.  Create.

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