Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Croptober - Day Two

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for anything you do, but it is a bit of a rabbit hole.  Black hole, actually, you can lose hours if you're not careful.

Anyway, I searched it specifically for today's challenge.  I found this layout and followed the link to Doodlebug Designs' Blog.  The colors attracted me first (I love me some teal in with the traditional Halloween colors), as did the line of characters along the top.  I love their little characters, but fail miserably in using them in any way other than on sticking to some photo corner.  

Today's challenge is to use the layout as your inspiration.  Use whatever you need from the layout (the subject, the layout, the colors) to inspire your work today - card, layout, pocket page, mini album, decor, whatever.

If you feel inclined to share your work as inspiration for others, leave a link to your work in the comment section.

Go. Create.

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