Friday, October 2, 2015

Food On Friday

Sooo . . . hubby was out of town all week.  I had a sick child home for two days.  Hubby was out of town.  I didn't get my menu pulled together until Wednesday morning, with a grocery store trip that afternoon.  Oh, and hubby was out of town.  Because of those things I was pretty unmotivated to cook, let alone get a menu together.  I, eventually, came to the realization that I still had three hungry boys at home and probably should feed them something, instead of watching them pour cereal for dinner.

If you are feeling equally unmotivated, then these recipes are your ticket.

Smoked Sausage is a staple in my freezer.  It's so easy to toss into a number of recipes, warm up on the grill or douse with a barbecue sauce.  So naturally this Oven Roasted Smoked Sausage and Potatoes was coming to the table, eventually.  I used parchment paper (I did coat it with olive oil as the recipe suggests) which, for me when oven roasting, gives a nice caramelized edge to foods.  I probably could have reduced the cook time by 5 or 10 minutes but only because a couple slices of sausage were a little over-browned.  It served the five of us, plus leftovers.  It was great.  The smokiness leached into the potatoes.  The sausage was crispy on the edges, the cheese was gooey.  It was all good stuff.

We are having these Cheese Enchiladas tonight.  I've made them before and they are really good.  The recipe makes two batches, so I usually halve the recipe.  One of these days I'll make both batches and freeze the second, I just don't typically have room in my freezer.  They are quick to pull together, even with making the enchilada sauce that comes with the recipe.  They are cheesy and warm.  They'll be perfect for the cool temps and rain expected tonight.

It was a crazy busy day yesterday.  It was day two of the child home from school.  Hubby was returning home, so a round-trip out to the airport.  We had parent-teacher conferences right after school for the High Schoolers and they usually take at least two hours to make the rounds.  From the conferences we, well hubby and the 15 y.o., headed out to the first Confirmation class.  Knowing that's what my day looked like, I planned something that would be good hot or not-so-hot,  These Meat-atarian Sub sandwiches are the ticket.  I have made them on French Bread, but it can be quite a mouthful, so I made these 40-minute Buns to build the sandwiches on.  I had planned to make Hoagie rolls, but I keep forgetting they need a night-before start, if not an early morning start.  The sandwiches are hearty and saucy and good for on the go.

The weather is supposed to turn decidedly fallish this weekend.  The boys have plans tomorrow, if the weather holds.  I am heading to my sister's for a little fall crafting.  The Boy Scout Rocket Launch that was to be Sunday, has been moved a week, so I'm faced with an open day.

Happy Friday,

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