Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Croptober - Day Seven

You can find inspiration anywhere.  Everywhere.  You just have to train yourself to look and then take it apart.

Like this picture, showcasing a fun Halloween sign for your yard, found on Pinterest from Real Housemom's blog.  But could you hang it on your door?  Or on your wall?  Or in your windows?  Totally, you may need to think about the base material, it's wooden planks, but you can go light-weight wood, poster board or even paper.  Paint it, letter it and boom, inspiration leads you to someplace else.

What else?  You could recreate the signs (note their different shapes) for your layout, a card or even tag on treat bags.  Use scraps of patterned paper (small designs) and stickers or black pen.  If you've got a paper cutting system you could go to town.

What else?  Let the colors lead you to your paper choices.  The black and purple stripes could have you digging through your ribbon stash to border your page or card, or maybe tie off those treat bags.  The pumpkins are easy - pumpkin motif on papers, pumpkin brads, orange buttons or brads.

Anything else?  The lettering on the signs makes me think of changing up the font in my title, sub-title (if I've got one) and journaling.  Use a readable font when doing journaling, but replacing one word or two in my journaing with a different (yet readable at a smaller scale) font can be fun.

I didn't even touch the flowers and plants.  What can you find in this photo for inspiration in creating today?  That's your challenge.

If you feel inclined to share a link to your creation, please do so in the comments.  Inspiration is always welcome.

Go.  Create.

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