Thursday, October 29, 2015

Croptober - Day Nine

Sometimes it's colors that inspire me.  Since I start with the photos, it's the colors in the photos that drive my kit selection.  I have a whole board full of color pallets, because I don't always remember my color theory (if you don't either check out the series starting HERE.)

Today, sift through your stash looking for this color pallet.  Look for patterned papers containing the colors.  Try creating a layout or card strictly from cardstock in these colors.  Or, as with other challenges using these pallets, draw inspiration from the accompanying photo - look for paper with leaves, or leaf embellishments (buttons, chipboard, velvet, paper.)  Find paper with pumpkins and apples.  Go for pumpkin or apple embellishments either the actual shapes or the colors.  The mug of cider could remind you of epoxy embellishments or to use your diamond dust or mists.  The wooden bowl can point you towards wooden buttons, cards or clothes pins.  Even the raw linen towel could point you towards burlap flowers or leaves, remind you to distress your papers, edges or a journaling card.  

All that great color and texture. . .from a simple color pallet.

If you feel inclined to share a link to your creation, please do so in the comments.  Inspiration is always welcome.

Go.  Create.

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