Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow. . .What Snow? and Your Inspiration

Our weather forecasters?  Not so great at the forecasting.  They had everyone on high-alert for a storm that hit the plains.  Schools closed.  State and local offices were closed.  Churches closed.  All these closures came the night before - before snow even started to fall!  People were sent to stores to stock up for the storm that produced. . .wait for it. . . 3" of snow and really no accumulation on the roads.  In fact, the roads were in worse shape TODAY than they were during the storm yesterday.  This is Colorado.  We are a people of snow.  We pack our shovels, double up our layers, toss "provisions" in the trunk, chain up and go about our business.  What the heck?

Now, at our house we did get, probably, 6-8" piled up on things like the grill and fences - things that don't retain heat.  So if this storm had come before the weather warmed up, it could have really been something.  But the ground and roads have been warming up so the snow just melted on contact.  It did snow all day - sometimes driving little snowflakes that sting when they hit you and sometimes the giant, fluffy flakes that just meander to the ground, the perfect for catching on your tongue kind.  It was beautiful, but too late in the year to make me giddy.

Because I'm ready for Spring, today's challenge/inspiration comes from Apron Strings' Color Theory board over on Pinterest.

And putting that color scheme to good use is Nancy Longo, using the Smaller than a Breadbox April kit - the Bo Bunny line.  The April kits go on sale today to non-autoship members.  Pick up one for yourself and dive into the lovely colors!

Share your project (card, layout or other paper-crafty project) with us in the comments and be eligible for this month's goody pack.

Happy Wednesday,

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Here's mine based on the colors.

"Today At The Beach"