Monday, April 15, 2013

Weddings and Mondays

You know, those two things don't really go together - unless it was your own wedding and you're now on your honeymoon.  Which it was not and I am not.  It was my niece's and she's enjoying a honeymoon wandering at the Cherry Festival in D.C.  I am gazing at yet another day of falling snow and stupid squirrels eating the buds off my tree!


As I mentioned on Friday, from my phone no less, we spent a whirl-wind weekend in Kansas.  Well, I didn't say we were out of town, but it was alluded to.  Anyway, the 10 hour drive was followed by a quick 38 hours to enjoy the wedding, reception and a snippet of family time, followed by another 10 hour drive home.  She, as you can see, made a beautiful bride.  I wish them a world of happiness and a lifetime of love together.

My plate is full-full today as I try to catch up from the trip (aka laundry), get my calendar in order for the week (snow might help me remove some items from a very busy week) and move forward with a plate-full of Apron Strings work to be done (April kits are out the door and on their way to you.  If you don't have one coming via Autoship, you can snag one today.)  Best to get going on that. 

Before I go, I'll leave you with your challenge/inspiration for today.  From Becky Fleck over at PageMaps, a sketch.  I love the number of photos on this one!  If you're doing your own version of Project Life this is an awesome sketch for that - a nice grid - whether you use one page or both.

Remember to get your layouts, cards or other projects linked in the comment section by the end of the month to be eligible for this month's prize.

Happy Monday.

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Deanna said...

Here's my version on the PageMap.

"Under the Sea"