Thursday, April 18, 2013


There is some giant ball of bright light hanging in this morning's clear blue sky.  The bright light shows off a landscape that looks like it's been hosed down in marshmallow cream.  It is not, however, cutting through the 19 degree temperatures.  But it is melting the layers of ice and snow from the roads - gotta love Colorado altitude!  The snow continued to fall yesterday, but because it's so wet, there wasn't much more accumulation - maybe another 3" or so.  The 4 y.o. has been out in it daily.  As I heard him stomping around yesterday, I realized I should have offered him his shovel, bucket and sand molds to play with.  Maybe later today. . .though, like any kid, he does just fine making his own fun.

Because White is the dominating color 'round here these days, today's inspiration is saturated in color.  Found on Apron Strings' Color Theory Pinterest board it's put to good use on Kristin Perez's layout, using the Bigger than a Breadbox April kit - the American Crafts Lucky Charm line.  The line's colors are brighter than they appear in the picture, but not quite as bright as the Pinterest Pallet - they are more watercolor-y.  They are gorgeous and quite versatile.  This line alone was used by the designers for Easter, a mountain rafting trip, family photos and a birthday.

Once you've created your card, layout or perhaps a mini album from the past Easter holiday using today's colors for your inspiration, load a link into the comment section to gain your entry into the April Prize drawing.

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Here's mine based on the color image.

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