Friday, October 11, 2013

Wandering and Croptober

Ready to take a seemingly mindless, wandering, where's the point walk?  Follow along. . .

Do I talk about coffee enough?  I have several photos of cups, mugs and cardboard-sleeved coffee shots in my Project Life album.  I've also mentioned I love it "dressed up."  I've made my own creamers found on Pinterest; I think I have one or two left to test out.  They are good too and I can pronounce the ingredients.  The trick is because of the cost of sweetened condensed milk (SCM), homemade isn't always cheaper.  Probably better for you, but not always cheaper.  My main hang up is the store bought creamers are a little thicker. (I have read there's some ingredient I can add to thicken the homemade version up, just don't have a clue where to find it.)  So, for now I'm getting the mega-size creamer from Costco.  It's generally less expensive than the grocer or homemade (this could change when holiday baking season rolls around and SCM goes on sale.)  It's thicker.  It's vanilla which makes it a good base for adding other flavors - like chocolate syrup, or caramel sauce.

Now, for our anniversary my parents bought us a one-cup coffee maker (hubby is not quite on board yet) but I love the machine - it does the k-cup, the pods, hot water and ground coffee.  It took some playing with the grounds to get a good brew, but we've tackled that problem.  And now I get fresh coffee in two minutes instead of sitting-on-the-burner-all-day-sludge coffee.

And we're still walking. . .

The change in weather has made me a baking fool.  Several pumpkin recipes, cookies (these are really good: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies,) pies, bars and today will be skillet brownies.  I needed pumpkin pie spice for some recipe so I mixed some up from Pinterest.  

Finally, my destination . . .

I'm not sure where the idea came from, but I decided to try to brew my one-cup of coffee with some pumpkin pie spice, and mix with my store-bought creamer.  I could smell it while it brewed.  Good sign.  Mixed in my creamer and watched the billowing cloud of white creamer swirl in with my coffee experiment.  And guess what?  It totally worked!!  I had yummy pumpkin pie spice coffee.  Today, I did just cinnamon.  Totally yummy.  Now to just nail down the homemade creamer and I'll be a happy, happy gal! 

Yesterday I asked you, "Witch or Warlock" and had you put your answer in the comments.  Today you get your key:
  • Witch - Include something Lime Green on your project
  • Warlock - Include something Plum Purple on your project
If you'd like to play along today, just pick Witch or Warlock and include the appropriate item. Link up your creation to the comment section for a shot at the October drawing.

Big, big wind last night and very cool weather are in store for the next couple of days.  Friday Night Lights are on the calendar for two of the kids.  I'd like to hit our Scarecrow Festival tomorrow, but we'll see how it all plays out.

Happy Friday,

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Deanna said...

I chose a witch so I included some lime green.