Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brain-Deadness and Gobble Up Inspiration

I know it's not a word, brain-deadness, but I wonder if it's a condition nonetheless.  If it's not it should be. . .Or maybe it's too-many-things-in-my-head-itis.  Which is probably closer to the truth.  Time for lists.

Today's inspiration to use your stash is two fold.  First the inspiration.  How totally cute is this?  I found it on Pinterest, which led me to Jen Gallacher's blog, In-site-full Living.  Use the graphic to have you grabbing from your stash today - I love the color combo with the pop of teal (Bo Bunny used this pallet a year ago, maybe two).  Grab papers in these colors, use them to pull embellishments:  leaves, chipboard twigs, letter stickers, mini brown brads.  Maybe one of the words reminds you photos - that well-worn sweater that was passed to each of your kids, or long-passed over leaf raking photos.

Now, I said two fold.  This lovely print is FREE and downloadable from the blog.  How cute would it be printed for your layout?  Scale it to pocket size for your pocket-page album.  Attach it to a card front.  I will be scaling this to print for my mantel and am considering it for a pocket in my Project Life(tm) album.

Share your link in the comments and earn an entry into the November drawing.  This week, I'll also toss out a goody to anyone who completes two of this week's challenges.

Happy Wednesday,


Deanna said...

I can't see the image, Lori. It's showing up as as 'x'.

Deanna said...

Nevermind, I can see it now.