Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Parenting Reflection and Gobble Up

When you're a new parent your biggest concern is your baby rolling off the bed while you watch from just too far away to catch her.  Or tumbling down the stairs when they start to explore them - again just out of your reach.  As they get bigger you worry about them minding you, biting other kids, being pushy (figuratively and literally).  Then they get bigger still and you think, well they haven't fallen down the stairs lately.  Or they haven't bitten anyone in ages.  And you shelve the idea that they will ever listen to you.  You start to relax . . . a little . . . because let's face it, you never relax again after having kids.  And then you realize that their being bigger just means you have bigger issues to deal with.  And they can't all be solved by taking something away or grounding them or just giving them a hug.  

It sucks . . . this navigating your children towards adulthood.  It's heart-breaking.   It's terrifying.  It's exhausting.  It's hard to watch them struggle.  There is no difference between then and now, really, in the falling - this time it's just figuratively and the consequences can be more than just a bump.  But now, there's no rushing to scoop them up, there are no gates to prevent another fall.  The hugs and kisses don't work their magic like they used to.  Now, you have to watch them get up on their own.  The getting up has to be all them.  But when they do (while you cheer and/or pray like crazy), pride fills your soul and you think, "maybe I am doing something right."  Of course, then it's the next kids turn.

Thanksgiving (in the US) is approaching, so I thought today's Gobble Up inspiration should come from a Thanksgiving layout, that we can thankfully use our stash on.  I found this one on Pinterest which led me to LiveLoveLaughGrowFamily's photo album.  

Today I was looking for something you could use up some embellishments on - sometimes we have odd amounts of little things left over.  Besides being a multi-photo layout, if you break it down there's a good amount of embellishments on it.  There's a frame.  There's a border that's been cut to highlight two different photos.  There are a random selection of buttons.  There are words that she cut, but could totally be created from random sticker sheets, rub-ons or chipboard letters; you may even have full-words of your own to use up.  There are journaling strips that could be strips of sticker words/phrases or even patterned paper.  Even a free-hand cut turkey body could use leaves for the tail, or simply fill the space with another grouping of embellishments - stickers, flowers, pocket, another frame, etc.  She paint splattered the background which could be misted as well, or scatter eyelets or mini brads instead.  

Lots to choose from.  Lots to use up.

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Deanna said...

Here's mine for this challenge and It's based on a Pagemap from last week's challenge that I didn't get to.

"The Hunt"

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Very nice. Catching up AND using stash! ;)