Monday, September 22, 2014

He's 14

He is fast, really fast.  Has been since he needed just three hours to make his presence know in this world.

He'll put up a fuss about leaving his sitting position on the couch to, ironically, sit on the boat, but once he's out there he has fun (he admits to that less these days than he used to.)  And if there's a fish, particularly a Pike, on the end of his line, he's really happy.

He can enjoy the simple pleasures found in life, or at least in a boy's life:  flooded gutters, bonfires, skipping rocks, digging in the dirt.

He was my youngest for eight years, but had to figure out his new place in the family (and life) when his little brother arrived.  Turns out, he's a really good big brother.  And the life-stuff, he's figuring that out, too.

He's athletic.  He's adventurous.  He's competitive.  If he's pitted against (or pits himself against) something or someone, he's all about the win.

He's sweet - though he these days he tries to hide it.  He's an original thinker.  He's creative.  He still let's me hug him, even in front of his friends. 

Today he's 14.  14!

Happy Birthday, my Jo-Jo-Binx.

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