Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September's Sketch

Can you believe we're down to the last full week in September?  This time of year seems to fly, but I can't figure out why.  Maybe it's simply because I adore this time of year and the leaves change and are gone too quickly, for me.

But there's September kits to look forward to and play with.  If you haven't cracked into your kit yet, it's high time to do so.

This month's sketch from Becky Fleck, from PageMaps, has a whopping nine photos.  NINE.  That's my kind of sketch, folks.  And it's a grid-style layout which makes moving things around really easy.

Now, remember you can use either side of the sketch, if you need less photos.  You can rotate the sketch, or either side of it, to accommodate the orientation of the photos you have.  Decrease the number by combining photo blocks into larger single photos, or simply removing certain photos and replacing with patterned paper or embellishments.  Make room for even more photos by dividing photo blocks.

Here we have Kristin Perez's take on the September sketch, using the My Mind's Eye Jubilee Wild Berry line found in the Smaller kit.  She has nine photos, but has made her photos along the bottom of the layout larger (instead of several smaller photos in the sketch.)  She also included a photo on the right, where journaling would have gone.  Doing this altered the space for journaling, and she left it off.

Here Nancy Longo also included nine photos (she used the October Afternoon Milk Money line found in the Bigger kit.)  Her photos on the right side of the layout are larger than those in the sketch (her photos on the left are per the sketch.)  Because of the larger sizes on the right she moved her journaling down to the left side of the layout, which adds some weight to the left and helps balance the larger photos on the right.

Maria Swiatkowski was quite the rebel and used a loose interpretation of the the sketch to create her layout.  She has six photos.  In the lower space, on the right side, she opted to cut apart one of the patterned papers into blocks and put the blocks in place of photos (she used the October Afternoon Milk Money line found in the Bigger kit.)  She, too, has a photo where journaling was shown.  She moved her journaling down and balanced it with another block of patterned paper on the left.

Finally, we have Jennifer Halleck, who stay pretty true to the sketch.  Her only change, was that her journaling became a sub-title.  She also toned down the embellishments - the paper was busy enough.

Happy Tuesday,

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