Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We Are

I was up and out this morning under crystal clear skies.  Not a cloud or con-trail in sight, save the two hot air balloons that seem to be "regulars" on these autumn mornings - sometimes there are three of them.

The peaks to the west are almost void of all snow, minus the glacier fields - a sure sign that we've come through summer and are just waiting now.

The birthday-palooza that is September for our family continued this past week.

  • We are surprised by a visit from my daughter and her friend bearing a PSL and bouquet on my birthday.
  • We are hooked on Outlander.  The Starz series, the book series - it's all good.  I received the first three books as a gift.  Watched the first three episodes and yeouch. . .who knew there'd be so much good in watching a man in a kilt?
  • We are so proud of this 14 y.o.'s speech and subsequent election to the Student Council. 
  • We are celebrating with a donut cake, an almond cake and cupcakes - per requests.
  • We are moving into "clothes as a gift" territory.
  • We are receiving a new stock of reading material.
  • We are getting our birthday recognized for the last time at this school.
Happy Wednesday,

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